iMce Remote

iMce Remote is remote control application for a Windows 7 based pc that works with an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, it comprises a mini web server with embedded web pages formulated for the iPhone or iPod touch, originally the idea was to create an application that would run on the iPhone or iTouch without the need to use either iTunes, or the Apple apps store and without jail breaking any of the hardware, my solution was to try and build a web application that tries to deliver a similar feel to that of a native iPhone application.

That said I also had a need for a Windows 7 Media Center remote application for a Home Automation Control project and had been working with the Nokia N800 and N810 web tablet, iMce Remote was the result of mixing a number of these mini projects together. Download the application unpack and run it on a Windows 7 based PC, having started the application then use the safari web browser built into either an iPhone or iTouch device to browse the server address of your windows based pc. You can use the application as a remote mouse in a similar way to a laptop mouse pad, a remote keyboard or a basic windows media center remote control.

Currently the application does not support extenders, this is because it does not install into the system or Media Center experience but seeks to control it externally. A future version is planned that will support extenders and is currently on alpha test, this version will require an installation to the hard drive in a more traditional manor.


  • Windows 7 Based Pc (Networked), 32 or 64 Bit
    Windows Vista Based Pc (Networked), 32 Bit
    * for the media center functions you will need
    either ultimate or home premium editions.

    * for vista compatibility you will need
    dot net framework 3.5 or better.
  • Apple iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Network Router with Wireless

iMce Remote (Basic) Features
(Standard Windows GUI Applications)

  • Remote Mouse Movement
    • Left Click
    • Right Click
    • Scroll Wheel
  • Remote Keyboard Functions (Using Native Keyboard)
  • Remote Numeric Key Pad


iMce Remote (Basic) Features
(Windows Media Center)

  • Remote Gesture Pad for Windows Media Center
    • Left Flick
    • Right Flick
    • Up Flick
    • Down Flick
    • Tap To Select
    • Back Button Navigation
  • Remote Control Screens Windows Media Center

I hope you enjoy the package, if you have any comments please join the support forum where I am hoping to build an interactive self help group. To keep the Basic Version of the software a free application I am accepting donations, if you make a donation rest assured the funds will be gratefully received.

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